First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA



King Neptune statue, Virginia Beach.


A friend held a really neat art class for children today at her house. For me, the bulldog (pouting in the kitchen because she wasn't allowed in with the kids) was the main attraction....



Bow of Spanish ship Juan Sebastian De Elcano.


Exploring the house.

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Inspired by a post on Wifey's blog, I decided to post a picture of my lovely 81-year-old mom after the girls and I gave her a "makeover" (she normally never wears makeup or styles her hair). We had the wonderful luck to have my elderly parents visit for an entire month, during which we were busy, busy, busy: toured the town, ate out a lot, went to museums and parks--we even met the King of Spain (by accident, but it still counts, right?)!

When I was growing up, my mother never once went to get her hair done or spent money on herself--any extra money was squirreled away between the compact and the dusty Certs in her purse, only to put it toward something for her children (much the same as she is now with her grands and great-grands).

We've had rough patches over the years. Honestly--what mother and daughter haven't? However, with each year that passes the realization grows: what a true blessing a mother is!


A porch nap in autumn, 2005.

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